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AI and Robot Ethics Home







Welcome to robotethics.co.uk, a hub for policy makers, developers, researchers, designers and enthusiasts of AI and robotic systems. Here you can share, discuss contribute to and access publicly available material, events and forums regarding robots and artificial intelligence to facilitate the consideration of ethical issues.


The fear that mankind will become victim of its own success in developing science and technology has always been with us. All new technology revolutionary advances from fire to fusion carry the potential of immense danger as well as immense benefit. Robots and artificial intelligence are just the latest manifestations.

So far, we have managed to avoid the worst nightmares of annihilation but there is no shortage of great minds, from Isaac Asimov to Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, warning of the dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics. Nick Bostrom’s Future of Humanity Institute regards AI as human-kinds greatest existential threat. There is also an unprecidented upside to AI if harnessed for good.

Ethical issues need identification, analysis, debate and policy formulation now, before a rapidly changing future overtakes our capacity to control it. If this matters to you, then ENGAGE.


Robotethics.co.uk gives policy makers, developers, researchers, and designers of AI and robotic systems, access to publicly available material, events and discussions about robots and artificial intelligence to facilitate the consideration of ethical issues.

The site covers ethical issues as they affect development in artificial intelligence, robots, the internet and technology generally. Ethical issue, such as safety (doing no harm), human rights, privacy and surveillance , enhancing wellbeing, transparency, accountability, and bias in data and algorithms, apply to many areas such as  medicine and healthcare, education, corporate power, autonomous vehicles, warfare and autonomous weapons, democracy and government, the courts and the systems of justice, the future of employment, taxation and social care, equality of opportunity, smart cities and homes and much more.